Who We Are

The Washington Collective is a non-profit organization formed to reach across cultures and circumstances to inspire and celebrate collective action to alter the direction of our society through an investment in young children based in love, trust, and kindness. We are dedicated to building a statewide, cross-community, and cross-cultural groups connecting all 39 counties in Washington State to visualize ideal experiences for all children.


  • To use the opportunity created by The Wonder of Learning: The Hundred Languages of Children exhibit to draw people together to share their aspirations for all young children.

  • To collect people’s stories, ideas, and conversations about young children to share as provocations for inclusive efforts to build evolutionary, democratic, locally-trusted, participatory schools for young children.

  • To create the conditions for a political mandate to invest in childhood as a public resource that accrues benefits for society in the future.

  • The lack of an investment in the provisions for all young children in the United States, comparable to that made years ago in Reggio Emilia, Italy, is an unrecognized crisis of fundamental importance to finding solutions to other crises facing the country and the planet.

  • Love and trust are fundamental conditions in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

  • Ensuring intimate relationships and friendships is the starting place for our work.

  • Participation is a value.

  • Amiable environments of relationships and joy are what children most need and all of us desire. Listening is a value.

  • We are dedicated to the inspiration and celebration of communities of love and trust not only for children but also love and trust for every member in those communities.

  • Belonging is a value.