Have you heard about The Wonder of Learning:
The Hundred Languages of Children Exhibit?
There’s a recognition that children learn in a social way, not only from parents, and teachers but also from classmates.  In the 20th century, in the province of Reggio Emilia, Italy, educators found a way to use documentation as a means to gain insight into the role of play, art making and creativity in children’s learning and development.  

This exhibit is a chance for the public to participate in the ongoing dialogue between educators, children, parents and the community. Together with a community collaborator, NAREA partners with cities around North America to bring this exhibit to a wide audience. The exhibit makes its way to cities across North America only once, is comprised of works from Reggio Emilia children and adults and may take the form of visual, poetic, auditory and kinesthetic works. The exhibit may be viewed as individual works with a unique perspective and as a collective story, many individual threads that together weave a cohesive creative narrative.

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